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Smooth 360° spin for effortless travels
From birth up to approx. 4 years
From 40 to 105 cm
0 - 18 kg

Why Choose Me

360° rotating seat

Easy 360° rotation with one click, for optimal ease of use

Easy-In harness system

Effortless child installation thanks to the Easy-in-harness system


Ensures a comfortable temperature at all times

G-Cell technology

Hexagonal shaped cell structure technology provides protection, reducing the risk of injury in case of a harmful side-impact crash

Product description

Looking for the best? You got it. The Maxi-Cosi Stone combines all of our best technologies! It offers a convenient rotation functionality and can be turned towards you for convenient child installation. Stone spins 360 degrees: forward, rearward and everything in between, no matter its recline position!

Next to the convienent 360 degrees rotation and recline positions, the Maxi-Cosi Stone is equipped with our unique Maxi-Cosi Easy-in harness system. This harnass makes the installation of your little one truly effortless, every time you go for a trip together! Even for your first trip, as the rotating and reclining Stone can be used from birth (with soft newborn inlay) up to 4 years.


The reason Stone is one of our most easy to install car seat, is it uses ISOFIX connectors and a support leg to provide the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a car seat. The convenient support leg provides stability even when your child is not sitting in the car seat. The Maxi-Cosi Stone also uses audible and visual indicators to confirm correct fit, this way you minimize the risk of incorrect installation. You only have to install your child, fasten the harness correctly and you are ready to go, convinient and hassle-free!


Over 50 million babies have been carried home from the hospital with the help of Maxi-Cosi. As a leading specialist in child mobility, your little one’s safety is our top priority. Our intuitive and innovative car seats safely protect your child and help carry you as family happily into the future. External crash test scores for dynamic safety and ease of use highly recommend Maxi-Cosi’s car seat. Our Maxi-Cosi Stone complies with the lastest and highest safety standards possible i-Size and can be used untill 4 years in a rearward position. With its 5-point safety harness and our G-CELL side-impact techonology this car seat from birth is equipped with our latest safety techonologies for impact proctection, making Stone not only one of our most convient but also one of our safest 360 rotating car seats.

Smooth 360° spin for effortless travels

Every trip you take with your little will be effortless for you and your child when using the Maxi-Cosi Stone. The 360 degree rotation makes installing your little one a breeze! Combined with the unique Maxi-Cosi Easy-in-harness, which stays open and accessible so you can easily install and buckle up in a few seconds, the Stone makes a truly convient and comfortable rotation car seat! The recline position, which can be used in every position, makes sure your little one is comfortable from day one. When he/she grows, you can convieniently adust the 5-point safety harness and headrest simultaneously in height to maintain safe and correct installation.

Once they are safely installed in their seat, the Stone’s ClimaFlow technology ensures children are kept at the right temperature. The special pattern and foam on the backrest make sure your child won’t grow too warm or get too cold on-the-go!

On the road, your baby may get car sick, or snacks and drinks may not always end up where they are supposed to be. No matter what happens, Maxi-Cosi’s car seat cover can be removed easily and is machine washable.

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