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Kore Pro i-Size

It's in their hands
From approx. 3.5 years up to 12 years
From 100 to 150

Why Choose Me

Quick and Easy Buckle up

Kore Pro i-Size detects when your child is sitting on it. The ClickAssist light illuminates the buckle up area, making it easy to click the buckle and the safety belt together in all circumstances.

Superior Side Protection

The Kore Pro i-Size shell provides full body side protection by covering your child from lap to head. The car seat is also equipped with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus), which consists of glass fiber shock absorbers in the side wings combined with energy absorbing material. This complete system provides superior side protection for your child at all time.

i-Size safety

Meets the highest and latest i-Size safety standards, offering maximum safety for your child.

Grows with your child

Designed for children between 100 and 150 cm, Kore Pro i-Size expands in both height and width simply by adjusting the headrest. It gives your child more space and the utmost comfort.

Product description

The i-Size compliant Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size allows your child to buckle up without any help. It has a unique ClickAssist light that illuminates the buckle to make it even easier! So next time, your child can buckle up all by themselves.


No matter what car you drive, if it has ISOFIX, our Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size will fit. For a secure and stable installation, the child seat is attached using your car’s seat belt and ISOFIX system. To install our Kore Pro i-Size, place it on the back seat of your car, click the child seat onto your car’s ISOFIX connectors and use the seat belt to buckle up. After the ISOFIX installation, your little one can buckle up all by themselves. The ClickAssist light illuminates the buckle every time your little one needs to buckle up. Fastening their seat belt has never been easier!

Did you know that the ISOFIX connection makes the child seat more stable? Did you know that when your child is not sitting in their seat, it becomes more stable.

Nowadays many cars have ISOFIX, so there is a big chance yours will have it too. If not, then don’t worry: our Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size can also be installed without ISOFIX. Simply use the seat belt of your car to buckle up. If you have any doubts about this car seat, and you’re unsure if it is the right fit for your car, have a look at our Car Fitting List to discover which child seat suits your little one best.


At Maxi-Cosi, your little one’s safety is our highest priority. From infant carriers for newborn babies to booster car seats for 12-year-olds, we are here to help carry families happily into their future. Because we care about giving parents the safest car seat, we have designed our Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size to comply with the highest i-Size safety standards.

Our easy-to-use Kore Pro i-Size car seat is designed with a Side Protection System Plus, providing your little one superior side protection in case there’s a hard side collision. Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size’s SPS Plus (Side Protection System Plus) reduces the risk of injury by absorbing the force from the impact. In addition to the regular SPS, an SPS Plus offers improved impact-absorbing material added to each side wing. Combined with glass fibre shock absorbers, it offers your child maximum safety. The cocoon shell provides full body protection on the side.

It’s in their hands

Designed to make it easy for you little one to get in the car seat and buckle up, the Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size has an open space at the bottom of the car seat, putting the buckle within arm’s reach. This feature lets your child insert the seat belt effortlessly. Another unique feature of the Kore Pro i-Size, is that its ClickAssist light illuminates the area, making it even easier for your child buckle up—especially at night. It’s all in their hands!

When ISOFIX is attached to your car’s seat, the backrest of the Kore Pro i-Size inclines to fit the seat of your car. This gives your little one a more comfortable resting position. For many years, the car seat will continue to be comfortable, because it grows along with your little one. You can continue adjusting the backrest’s height and width so it can grow with your little one all the way up until they’re 12 years old!

The Kore Pro i-Size’s premium design is made of bamboo fabrics that regulate the temperature. No matter how long the trip is, it’s always going to be comfortable.

Removable cover

Anything can happen on the road. Your little one could get car sick, or drinks and snacks could be spilled. In case there’s a little accident, we’ve got you covered! Maxi-Cosi’s car seat cover is removable and machine washable to keep it clean at all times.