Being 20 is hard. We would know — NaturallyCurly turned 20 this year! To celebrate, we are sharing 20 things we learned in our 20s!

Navigating school, work (or both), relationships, finances, a social life, all while trying to understand and take care of yourself is a balancing act that can be difficult to master. And unfortunately for most of us, the responsibilities only add up as you get older. Nevertheless, Grace and Nikki have blessed us with some knowledge that will help you get through your 20s (or any age for that matter) — check out their video, posted at the end of this article. You’ll see extended answers, beautiful faces, and lots of laughs!

1. How to pay rent

Unfortunately rent is due every single month. Don’t learn this the hard way; set a reminder in your phone!

2. You learn perseverance!

Aaliyah said it more than once, “dust yourself off and try again, try again. Again, again.”

3. Quality over quantity.

We’re talking clothes, friendships, relationships, coffee, alcohol, YOU NAME IT! Madewell over Forever 21, Russell Wilson over Future. You’ll thank us later.

4. Happiness over everything

It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself. S/o to millenials for making self-care a trending topic.

5. Know your worth

And ask for it! Show that you value yourself and others will reciprocate.

6. Stop taking crap

You know better. If it’s crap, toss it where the sun don’t shine.

7. Sleep is important.

Diddy was wrong; you can’t sleep when you’re dead. Sleep now, live longer.

8. Buy better alcohol

We had to say it twice. The hangover is not worth the bottom shelf. Love yourself.

9. Save and invest

Did you know you should have six months of rent saved up in your savings at all times? I don’t, but I’m working on it. If you are one of the lucky individuals who has money left over after you pay your bills, it’s time to start thinking about saving it, or turning that money into more money.

10. Ask for that raise

The worst they can say is no. Ask for it.

11. Credit score maintenance

I know you might be scared to look at it, but it’s time to start being aware of your credit score. Or as Grace says, “when you want to buy a house your interest is gonna be 50%!”

12. Handling conflict

Handle it before it bubbles up inside you and you literally explode. Seriously, grow up and deal with your fear of confrontation.

13. Hustle

If you floated through high school, college, or your adolescence in general, your 20s are the perfect time to get out of that habit. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets hard work. Plant your seeds.

14. Appreciate your family

You’re getting older and that means your family is, too. Here is your reminder to check up on them.

15. Natural makeup

A full beat is great, but have you ever worn face-full of makeup and looked like you had the natural beauty of Zoe Kravitz? Perfecting the no-makeup makeup look is key in your 20s.

16. Maintaining a car

Oil changes, air pressure, tire turning, tag renewals, etc. Do it now or you will literally pay for it down the line.

17. Signature drank

I learned how to stop ordering the cheapest well drink and how to start ordering a cosmo like Carrie Bradshaw. Baby steps.

18. Traveling like an adult

Stop wearing your pajamas to the airport! You never know when you could run into a potential business or networking opportunity. Come correct or don’t come at all!

19. Self-care properly

Self-care doesnt mean retail therapy. Find what really makes you happy.

20. Eating right

Vegetables and probiotics and h20, oh my! Start eating healthfully now so it becomes a lifestyle and not a diet.

And that’s it from us! What did you learn in your 20s?